We have personnel specialized in the assembly of technical equipment, stages, structures, sets, stands or any other type of element required by an event.

Hand / Stagehand

We take charge of loading and unloading, as well as movement of materials, assembly of technical equipment, decoration and furniture. Their job is to assist in the various tasks and actions.

Basic and higher Auxiliary Installer

We have multi-purpose staff in charge of assisting in the different tasks and actions, with capacity to assume responsibilities in the production of an event. Skilled in operating of machinery. The auxiliary has specific qualities to give special solutions.  

Climber or scaffolder

We have a specialized team that is equipped for assembly of stages, towers, stands, tents and different structures that require work at height.

Sound, lights and video assistant

In our workforce, there are professionals who assist in the assembly of sound, lighting and video equipment and systems.


If what you need is professionals devoted to working with wood, at PennyWise there are expert carpenters that assist in assembling stands and/or sets for any type of event.

Theatre technician

We have builders and operators of stage machinery, scenography and curtains for a theatre or show of similar characteristics.

Plant Operator

We have personnel who are in charge of operating forklift trucks vertical and articulated platforms, in any type of event.