We have personnel specialized in food handling, catering and waiter service.

Catering Assistant

Personnel qualified for handling of food and kitchen equipment. We also have workers who can be hired as kitchen assistants, for support in case of any need, assembly of furniture, dishwashing and cleaning in general.


Figure with experience in catering, specifically in services of catering in bar, table or tray.

Food services

Waiter specialized in the service of drinks and meals behind the bar in festivals, conventions, parties and various acts.


In charge of food preparation in catering services in fairs, corporate events, congress in catering services in fairs, corporate events, convention centres, multipurpose enclosures, etc.

Kitchen assistant

Kitchen support personnel that collaborate with the chef in food preparation, working under them performing basic kitchen tasks such as cleaning or cutting food.  

Furniture assembly staff

In charge of preparation of the furniture in order to carry out the preparation of food for the guests.

Cleaning staff

Personnel in charge of general cleaning, as well as specific functions.