PennyWise Logistics is the division specializing in logistics of PennyWise Group in charge of providing qualified personnel for the tasks inherently of logistics in companies of all production sectors.

Flexible solutions

At PennyWise Logistics we know that the world of Logistics needs flexible solutions, and this is why we offer to our clients a solution adapted to their logistic needs. Our experience allows us to know as well as they do, the logistics sector and its needs:

  • Seasonality
  • Productivity
  • Speed in processing
  • Efficiency in services
  • Labour safety and guarantees

We work closely with our clients to provide them with an immediate customized solution at all times. From the staff that receive the goods on the loading docks to the person who carries out inventory control. Our clients don’t have to worry about anything. Logistics is our thing.

Advantages as compared to a Temporary Employment Agency

When providing our clients with qualified personnel for the logistic tasks of company logistics, we have a number of advantages as compared to a Temporary Employment Agency:

  • We have highly qualified personnel who work specifically and exclusively in the logistics sector.
  • Flexibility and adaptation Our personnel are used to working in any timetable including weekends and holidays and doing this for short periods of time.
  • 24/7 service. We have in-house management software to carry out all types of administrative procedures, with immediate and permanent access for our clients. We also have 24/7 guard personnel, to resolve any type of incident with the client.
  • Training in ORP. We train all our personnel in occupational risk prevention and we provide them with PPE specifically for the tasks they will carry out, as well as uniforms so they will be dressed homogeneously.
  • Low Accident Rate. We have supporting documents that prove this, as a result of our investment in ORP.

Logistics professionals

We have the most sought-after specialized logistics professionals of the market in logistic tasks of storage, handling, transport and distribution:

  • Loading and unloading personnel
  • Warehouse workers
  • Replenishers
  • Personnel for handling, bottling and packaging
  • Ramp workers
  • Goods classifiers
  • Personnel for picking
    • By Voice
    • Radiofrequency
    • Pick to light
    • Put to light
  • Order pickers
  • Fork lift operators:
    • Frontal
    • Retractable
    • Stacker
    • Pallet jack
    • Order picker
    • Double fork
  • Lift Platform Operators
  • Delivery persons